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I did some quick googling and the vast majority of stories that have it as illegal are all quoting MuscelNerd from when he made that tweet about it. I have seen no solid evidence outside of MuscleNerd's word that they are illegal. I understand that calling 112 can be illegal but with the gevey you are not supposed to even let it ring let alone connect. So basically I see it as MuscleNerd's word against that of the gevey makers. I am no means on either side of it, I just dont think anyone should be so quick to say it is illegal and leave it at that.
The main reason why this is considered illegal is the risk of denial of service to a legitimate emergency number.

It's a misunderstanding that calling and hanging up before it rings has no impact on the network. You are still occupying a scarce signalling channel trying to establish the call.
My understanding is that the only way it can't be considered illegal is if the connection never leaves the phone.

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I realize that this site is and has always been very pro dev team (to a fault at times which is why I am more active on MMi being a moderator there) but following anybody's word blindly has never been my thing. The dev team is pretty much just MuscleNerd these days anyway. Wizdaz still churns out updates for pwnage tool but the blog and redsnow are pretty much just kept up by MuscleNerd from what I have seen and heard (not counting Comex of course who has his own thing going with the userland jailbreaks).
You have a valid point here (and I agree with you).