thier were alot of iphones out thier with error (23) .......this error is related to hardware problems.....but its ok cause all you have to do is take it to your local Apple Store and have it replaced right ? wrong.....because if its jailbroken they will not replace you might be saying well restore it before taking it to Apple....but thats the problem iTunes will not let you restore cuz everytime you try to restore error (23) will show up...thats when a couple of months ago (cpich3g) released itunes mobile device patched was created so that you can bypass this error...but that patched was only for itunes 9.0.2. i have a 3gs with error (23) warranty expires on october....i live in Puerto Rico and here thiers no Apple planning on going to Salt Lake City,UT on September...but in the mean while i would like to play around with iOS 4.0. so i need itunes mobile device patched for itunes you think anyone here can do such a thing ? so that way i can bypass error 23 and be able to install ios 4.0