Methods on how to find your UDID (windows/mac)

1) IF YOU HAVEN'T RESTORED TO THE OS 3.0 (basically means that you can connect to itunes and your phone is activated!)

- Connect the phone to itunes - itunes will recognize the phone

- the computer screen will show the details of your iphone (capacity, name, serial number etc)

- CLICK the serial number and it will turn into something called the 'IDENTIFIER"

- Just copy it (SIMPLY press control-c)

2) IF YOU are on OS 3.0 and you have been locked out - or have a bricked phone because some @#$@# deleted your UDID from the Developer's list........


Plug in your iPhone
Go to the Apple menu, Click on "About this Mac" to launch system profiler
From there, go to USB and locate the iPhone. The serial number listed it actually the UDID. Input that on the register devices page and unplug and replug your iPhone.

GO TO: ~/Library/Lockdown/
on MacOS X. It is an hexadecimal string of 40 characters, which should be the name of the only .plist file there


The device ID can be found on windows in the directory C:\Users\username\AppData\roaming\Apple Computer\Lockdown on windows vista, or C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\Lockdown on WinXP,