Hey fellas, what happened to me is that AT&T caught me using iPhone when I officially stated I have Motorola RAZR. I had activated the unlimited data plan for $15 and in about 3 months they found out I'm using an iPhone.
So, I talked to them and they said the data plan price won't raise but I will have to connect my iPhone to iTunes, activate it and select the proper data plan.
The phone is already activated/unlocked/jailbroken. So, the hard way is to virginize it, then activate it through iTunes, select the plan, do the "right" thing, then unlock/jailbreak the well known way.
My question is, is there a shortcut to this? Can I just unactivate it so it can be activated in iTunes and go the AT&T route without having to virginize it?
Also, can I use my old SIM card(not the one that came with the iPhone)?
Thanks in advance.