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Discuss Trying to bypass passcode on iPhone 3GS? (only redsn0w sees device, no other program) at the iOS 3.x (iPhone OS 3.x) -; Hi people, The story is I was given an old iPhone 3GS from a friend, ...
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    Default Trying to bypass passcode on iPhone 3GS? (only redsn0w sees device, no other program)

    Hi people,
    The story is I was given an old iPhone 3GS from a friend, passcoded and it's been so long since he used it he can't remember the passcode. All-in-all I could just restore it and start over but he would like me to try get the data from it if possible before doing so (photos/videos and contacts mainly). So far, from what applications I've found and tried (Running xp sp3) redsn0w has been the only one to even see the device. I tried the jailbreaking option to test it out that worked fine, but of course that doesn't get me much further in removing/bypassing the passcode.

    Programs I have tried are iPhoneBrowser, iExplorer, iLiberty+, iFunBox. None of these seem to detect the device at all whereas redsn0w does. (iTunes sees it but of course can't do anything with it due to passcode)
    I understand iPhoneBrowser should at least be able to see SOME of the iPhone data without being jailbroken (a sandbox area) but tried before and after jailbreaking and still nothing showing in any of those 4 programs.

    Read iLiberty+ suggested on some other forum - I believe you could modify one of the firmwares before uploading to iPhone; does redsn0w support anything like this? The newest version seems to patch the iPhone without needing you to specify an ipsw payload. And once jailbroken I should be able to access the area on the device (using iPhoneBrowser for example) that relates to passcoding. Apparently deleting a specific file removes passcode or the checking of it.

    tl;dr iPhone 3GS, passcoded (forgot!), can access via redsn0w, no other third-party programs (win xp) see device. Want to get data off.

    Also, is there a good article anywhere that goes through the jailbreaking process (preferably in-depth, technical would be good) but more importantly explains the importance of things such as SHSH blobs and other important considerations when using a jailbroken iOS device.

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