Hi there,

I've been working on resolving this issue for the last 4 days without any luck and was hoping some of the people on this forum might be able to lend a hand. Here's the situation:

I've had my iphone 3GS since it came out. I've recently switched jobs, and my company offered to pay my phone bill directly (take over billing), but iPhones are not authorized/supported and I would have to order an authorized phone (in my case the Samsung Jack). Many other employees use the iphone as there is a "work around"..and seeing how my company would take over the billing it was a no brainer.

So I received my Samsung Jack and activated it. Then took out the SIM card and put it in my iPhone 3GS. Same network AT&T. It immediatly was working, but I did not get any data, text or visual voicemail. I was told by a colleague that I can fix that easily by going to unlockit.co.zn and changing my APN settings to "wap.cingular" as soon as I did this, my text/mms started working and I could surf web and get data via 3G perfectly. Super happy about it.

The problem was that my visual voicemail was not working. When I hit the voicemail button on my iPhone it just dials my voicemail directly and starts cycling through my messages.

I've attempted a number of solutions with no luck...here is what I've tried

Solution Attempt #1:
I read that the voicemail APN settings need to be changed to acds.voicemail in order for visual voicemail to work. I need to change my voicemail apn settings in Settings -> General -> Network -> Carrier
Problem is... I don't have carrier as an option, here's a screen shot of my iphone:

So, what I've read is that if I don't have this option I will have to do one of two things:

a) Reset Network in my Settings (Tried this...did not work)
b) Get a new MobileConfig APN setting which incorporates the acds.voicemail apn for voicemail (Did this, no change)

So now i'm not so sure that the issue is neccessarily with the APN -> acds.voicemail.com

Solution Attempt #2

Reset Voicemail. I've reset voicemail 3 times...I receive a text message with my new password and everything, but when I hit "voicemail" on my iphone it takes me directly to my old messages...doesn't ask me for a password or anything. It's like it was never reset.

Problem is I can't talk to AT&T about troubleshooting because it's written in my account notes that I am not authorized for an iPhone, every agent I've spoken to has mentioned this.

I'm not opposed to jailbreaking my phone if I have to, but only if I know for sure that I can get visual voicemail out of it.

Some people have told me that since I don't have a iPhone plan I can't get visual voicemail or iphone data.

I know this to be untrue as my coworkers have visual voicemail (for them it was just working from the get go) and I have gotten my data working just fine.

Does anybody have any insight as to how I can get my iphone to stop dialing my voicemail and instead recoginze it as visual voicemail?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.