This is a short note for our users from Germany. T-Mobile Germany started selling the iPhone 2G on November 9th, 2007. According to German law T-Mobile has to officially unlock iPhones two years after the sale was made.

So if you were among the first having signed a contract on the first day, this Monday will be the day. Hit a T-Mobile store or call 0180-330 2202 (from inside germany).

Other than mobiles from Nokia, Sony ... you wont get an unlock code of cause. The Apple way: T-Mobile will check if the sale date is >= 2 years, will send the IMEI of your iPhone then to Apple. Apple will add your iPhone's IMEI in addition to other unique IDs to their servers and mark the iPhone as unlocked*.

It will take up to 48 days until this is done. From that on you'll be able to insert any simcard in your iPhone and activate it via iTunes - btw same procedure as the one for ppl with a factory unlocked iPhone.

*To unlock an iPhone you need the NCK which is a unique 15 digit key. Those keys for unlocking are sitting on Apples servers and send to the iPhone via iTunes while the iPhone is connected to the Mac/PC.
Each iPhone has a unique HWID, NORID, CHIPID, (id's embedded in the iphone hardware/chips and unique to each phone), the NCK is only working with the one iPhone where the above are matching. The NCK does not unlock any other iPhone.