hello all,

i bought an unlocked/jb'd 3g a few weeks ago and recently found out doing a hard restart while cydia is loading is a no no. im in the endless boot cycle and cant seem to get any of the fixes ive found on forums to work (irecovery, ireb, redsn0w, diskaid, ssh...). im still very new to iphone software so the tons of info/posts on the topic are pretty confusing to me. before crash i was at 3.1.2, dont know baseband but i was unlocked.

im assuming i must restore (and this is mostly my confusion) but im unsure how/what tools will get me back to a happy and unlocked 3.1.2. ive read tons of posts but ppl always have slightly diff setups so im confused how to go about this.

am i correct in assuming i can restore to 3.1.2 via itunes then jb/ul with blksn0w? will this preserve my unlockable baseband?