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Discuss Silent switch at the iOS 3.x (iPhone OS 3.x) -; the silent switch is messed up on my phone because some lint or something probably ...
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    Default Silent switch

    the silent switch is messed up on my phone because some lint or something probably got in there. putting it in my pocket will set it to silent automatically. i never really cared before since vibrate was enough. but now the vibrate function has worn out or something because it just doesnt vibrate anymore.

    i owuld be fine if i could just find a software solution that would override the silent switch and activate the ringer even when the switch is set to silent.

    it is amazing how annoying this is. i have searched these forums and google and loads of people have this problem and get the same suggestions for applications that dont work.

    silent toggle for sbsettings doesnt work. it only silents a phone that has the switch set to ringer; not the other way around (useless for me really). i tried the free trial for mirror profile but that is the same: it only changes settings such that you can configure sounds when in riger mode; the only thing you can configure while in silent mode is whether or not to vibrate. this is useless for me.

    i tried auto silent which similarily only disables or enables sound when the physical switch is set to ringer and not when it is set to silent. this is a paid app.

    This problem is really frustrating especially because as far as i can tell every popular "solution" actually doesnt work.

    has anyone had this problem and found an real way to fix it other than opening the phone up. i will pay for an app for fix this problem but so far every commercial solution i have seen has been useless dispite claims to work.

    thanks for the help.

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    Lightbulb AutoSilent app in Cydia

    Actually, AutoSilent has an option to "bypass iphone silent switch". Once you press that your silent switch will be deactivated, no matter in what position it got 'stuck'. For $2.99 this is a cheap fix at Cydia.
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