Hi Olethros,

Ah, thanks for the clarification on that. I think I set it up as a new phone, I never connected it to my computer after I rebuilt my computer system until I started the hacktivation process. Once it connected I started the restore right away. If it still keeps the settings then that makes sense, and I should do a new phone restore. It didn't keep my contacts or e-mail settings.

When I first did the hacktivation earlier this year I was able to use the youtube app for a few months. Unfortunately I do not remember what changed that could have caused this. I didn't think much of it until I wasn't able to view videos on Facebook. I had hoped that once I rebuilt the phone it would fix the problem. I will try the fix from Cydia and see if that takes care of the problem.

I think i have the MMS thing figured out, just need to locate APN info (crosses fingers). I have found a few that are for AT&T, but I have been mostly afraid of messing something up. I can get along without having MMS, but it would be nice to have .

Thanks for the help!