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Discuss The safest way to upgrade a LOCKED 3G to 3.1 at the iOS 3.x (iPhone OS 3.x) -; Hello, I just bought from a friend his iphone 3G. It is locked to his ...
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    Default The safest way to jailbreak/unlock a LOCKED 3G to 3.1

    I just bought from a friend his iphone 3G. It is locked to his network (t-mobile), and currently his version is 3.0 (7A341).

    I read guides and threads about how to upgrade, jailbreak and unlock it, and it seems that eventually most people find themselves without signal (iphone turned into ipod..)

    I know I shouldn't upgrade to 3.1 directly from itunes, but download ispw file which is 3.1 for 3G. I got it from:
    (please just delete that code if it's illegal to post it, and not my whole post)

    I know that then I should use itunes 9 (I have 9.0.1), hold shift while clicking restore, and choose that ipsw file.

    As far as I understand, I don't need redsn0w because that file is already jailbreaked, and then only thing I need is to download from cydia ultrasn0w.

    Is that is? It sounds quite simple... It won't upgrade my baseband/modem? Why so many people brick their iphone? How will I make sure it won't happen to me?

    I would really appreciate your help, and especially if someone already did it and can comment if everything is working correctly for him.


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    The iphone can't be locked to tmobile..but anyways why do you want to upgrade to 3.1? seems like such a hassle. Since the iphone has been jailbroken, you can upgrade to 3.1 by using pwnage tool and creating a custom ipsw then use itune to restore from that file. this will allow your phone to use 3.1 without upgrading the baseband.



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