hi. there's something very strange going on with my 3.0 3G that is jailbroken with redsnow 0.8. I dont have icy or anything else except cydia and appstore installed, and, all the apps that I have installed are 3.0 compatible.

My problem is that when I use the spotlight search function, it can find email that I have deleted from my yahoo mail inbox on my iphone while on full wifi signal internet. How is this possible? in some cases, it even opens the email with all the text in it, and, if I hit the inbox button or whatever folder this email is supposed to be in, it takes me to that folder which is, acsually, empty........

I have had crazy cases of long time ago written emails APPEARING back into my inbox, both on my iphone AND in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 while checking my email on the web, all yahoo mail.

Is there a connection between these things? like, does my iphone cause this behavious? I also have spotbright installed, but I dont think that thats what makes it happen.