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Discuss [Problem] [Solved] iPhone constantly freezes at random times at the iOS 3.x (iPhone OS 3.x) -; I had a problem with my loud speaker so I replaced it with an after ...
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    Default [Problem] [Solved] iPhone constantly freezes at random times

    I had a problem with my loud speaker so I replaced it with an after market part (entire loudspeaker assembly replaced speaker, mic, flex wire for connector #4, charger port, antenna)

    After this repair my phone freezes constantly.
    It does work for a short time but then freezes or it freezes at slide to unlock or freezes at random times but 90% of the time it freezes at slide to unlock n does not allow me to do anything else.

    I did reinstall the OS I was originally running 3.0 but after the reinstall itunes automatically installed 3.0.1
    so I then jailbroke using redsn0w 0.8 that was successful but then i was unable to put the cydia repo for the ultrasn0w unlocking ( said it wasnt found
    after an hour or so i figured out i can just search for the file on google and ssh it to the phone so the unlocking went well and phone worked well for a few hours then all of a sudden it freezes again and i was unable to unfreeze it it kept getting stuck at slide to unlock after several hard shut downs (hold power and home button)
    so i reinstalled and jailbroke several times more
    now after several re installs and re jailbreaks the phone goes thru its normal jailbreak then when it goes for its restart it freezes at the main apple and then after several minutes it restarts itself and goes to the slide for emergency calls which means no jailbreaking was done pretty much
    I dont think that the new hardware is the actual problem because everything down there works well thats attached to it such as speacker, mic, the home button, the charging port all works well.

    any advice or tips on resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated

    this is what im working with
    iPhone: 3G 8gb
    Network: T-mobile USA
    Software: 3.0 before reinstall and 3.0.1 after
    Jailbreak: 0.7.2 before reinstall and 0.8 after
    My computer: windows vista

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    Default (update)

    ok heres an update after some research testing and troubleshooting i have discovered that what is causing this is FLEX CABLE CONNECTOR # 3
    This connector houses the earpiece the proximity sensor and the light sensor.

    so what i did was i disconnected this wire from the logic board and poof!
    my iphone works flawlessly aside from the fact that it is not capable of sensing light or proximity or have a private convo via earpiece (gotta use speakerphone)

    So now that i have narrowed down my problem has anybody ever heard of such a thing, why would any of these 3 components cause the phone to freeze

    All 3 of these components work fine when connected if the phone isnt too busy freezing.

    for other people having this problem too hope this helps a bit at narrowing down the problem



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