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He found one injection vector...one that worked at 02.28 (and was promptly closed). We had other injection vectors that worked at earlier basebands. He actually had AT+STKPROF since September but couldn't do anything with it for those 4 months before he offered it to us as we were about to release yellowsn0w on earlier basebands.
Okay, I will revise. He found the vulnerability that was utilized to deliver the yellowsn0w payload. I was not saying you didn't have one, I was just pointing that out as a contribution to the unlocking scene.

Which we also had, back in January. As your own posts on his blog show.
He released it, and found it on his own, so that is why I said "found" instead of just "released". If he got a leak from devteam I would have said otherwise, but he found it on his own. I never said you didn't have it, again, I was just mentioning his notable contributions to the unlocking scene.

He did not do a software unlock. And what is a 4.6 hardware unlock??? His 4.6->3.9BL downgrader (done only with the help of our GPIO info) allowed gray's AnySim (software) unlock to be applied.
According to this, he did a software unlock, as well as his blog (Minus 0x20000 with Back Extend Erase - The iPhone Wiki / On the iPhone: 11246unlock, good enough for the prize). As for the hardware unlock, or rather, hardware bl downgrader via A17 testpoint, I don't recall anyone ever saying anything about him using GPIO info from the devteam for it when he released it and took credit, so you can't blame me for something that you have never publicly mentioned

LOL ok, now you're just making stuff up. Please don't.

Looking into it, I worded that wrong, fakeblank was around since the siemens phones that had sgold. But the A17 hack was his, and devteam has credited him for it.

"geohot does most of the unlocking stuff". No.
He releases much of the unlocking stuff or is responsible for helping in a release in one way or another. Whether it was based on leaked info from devteam that you have never before told anyone as far as I have seen does not exactly factor in, because you have never really gotten into the specifics of who was behind these releases, and if someone else is responsible for any part of it and you don't say anything, then it is only natural to think that the person that released it is responsible.
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