Hi guys, been visitng the website for a while been very helpful!

hoping someone can help here!

I'm getting the infamous no signal message on my ip2, that I bought used as a replacement.

I'm pretty sure it's not hardware related - if I do the 'reset network settings' option, it won't restore service, however if I do the exact same thing whilst it's plugged into my computer, it comes back every time!

I can't figure it out; sometimes it doesnt loose signal for a whole day or two, and at other times it goes every few hours, using the same amount of activity.. The previous owner had some bits installed on it and it lookst like he tried to jailbreak/unlock it to no avail as my orange sim wouldnt work. It was having the same problem with an o2 sim. I ran redsnow on it (or black snow, one of the two, and the iphone crashed, so I had to restart and then slam it into DFU mode and do a restore via itunes. worked fine since but periodically it's loosing signal and not getting back

been trying to get it back all day and the only way it works is to plug it in, which is a pain when I'm working.. I beleive it's running 3.1.3

worth noting also that the phone IS picking up a phone signal, as when I go to network options, it detects a load of networks to choose from; it just won't give me a service!

any ideas appreciated!!