Hi all,

As title..
Had iPod 1G for 18 months plus..
JB of course..
Now upgraded to 2.2.1

Got iPHone 3G on a business trip to China last November..
I am (fairly) sure it is h/w unloacked as I have karked around with it and updated it (accidentally) to 2.2 via iTunes and it activated OTA and uses any sim..

But I am not sure..

a) Is there any why of telling if it IS h/w unlocked (other than trying a new upgrade and failing!!)

b) I have OS 3.0 beta via *various routes* .... Interestingly it is SMALLER than 2.2.1 and 2.2.

3.0_7A238j 234622 kb..

2.2.1 5H11 is 254070

I wonder if this the *real* 3.0 and if so, why is it smaller (optimised code??)
I have it from two sources so I think it is real..

c) I know you can downgrade (with difficulty) from 3.0, and also avoid the UDID dev activiation thing but does appstore etc work or as soon as you show yourself to Apple do they block the device??

d) A newb question - what's the UDID (Universal Device ID?). I assume it's in general-about but no UDID - only model, imei (phone) and ICCID (probably UDID?)

e) I assume OS 3.0 upgrades modem f/w thus if it is not h/w unlocked I am stuck.. Yellowsnow is not yet ready, but I believe jailbreak beta is ready..

Thanks for putting up with all these questions.. oh and I am lucky enuf to have Macbook as well as windoze computers..

Cheers all..

That's it for now, and I hope to stick around here and learn and maybe help..