dear community,

i'm running an old iphone 2g (dead strip edition) as a web server on my home connection (vdsl 50/10mbit). i'm using lighttpd as a web server, which does its job very well.

i installed aptitude.

some questions:

-which launchdaemons can be killed? i don't need the gsm functions as there's not even a sim card in the phone. i only need http,sftp,ftp,ssh. and more free ram.

-is there a command line tool which would allow me to take a photo with the internal camera in an interval and store it somewhere on the device and make it accessible via http? or even stream video via http?

-could i take control of the led backlights via command line, so that everytime someone connects to my server, those lights will flash?

-can i play a sound via command line on certain events?

-how do i rotate lighttpds log files the best way?

thank you for any ideas.