Bit of a back story: I bought an iPhone 2G jailbroken and unlocked from eBay a little over a month ago for the sole purpose of using it in the UK so I have an Orange (UK carrier) sim card in it. In the past I would turn it on, check my phone and then turn it off again and that would be it.

Today, I turned the phone on today to see if I received any sort of texts from the carrier and just to make sure my number was still active and then I turned off my phone. It immediately started back up again. I tried doing a soft reset (I think that's what it's called when you hold the home button and power button) to no avail.

The phone did not have the original AT&T SIM card and I'd like to avoid doing the process of rejailbreaking and unlocking it.

Any help to make it stop starting back up again on it's own would be greatly appreciated.