Hi All,

I don't know if this is in the right category (new to the forums ),


I wonder if you will be able to help me i have managed to convince my dad to get a new ipone 3g S on contract and give it to me in replacement for my iphone 3g (which he has and i have it in front of me [for my Birthday today (19/06)[UK] ])

But now he is getting 'moaning' that the iPhone (my old 3g) doesn't work correctly and he don't know what all the hype is about with these iPhones (pfft).

The main problem is the bluetooth wont automatically connect to a paired device and you have to go to settings and connect, and repair each time you want to connect ect... i know this is a problem with the iPhones newer firmwares anyway...

I am going to Jailbreak his new phone 3g 3.0 (my old iPhone) is there any way via normal software / jailbroken software that we can force the bluetooth to automatically connect to the device (his car) when it finds it.

There shouldn't be any problems as the device will connect and work correctly when done manually (so it does work, just a pain for a 5 min car trip), but this is a pain for example short journeys as its all done manually.

Is it even possible to write an application which will do it?

Open Program
-- Search for Bluetooth Devices
-- It finds the device (say the device name was set via the program [on install or something])
-- program then connects and then pairs to the device (if found)
-- once bluetooth connected the program quits

That's my idea of an ideal program while apple continue to screw us around for a full bluetooth stack.

Is any of this / any alternative solutions available? As my dad is now complaining that its not all that he thought it would be and hoped it would be able to do this simple task easily.. wants his own phone back which will mean taking my new iPhone 3GS back to the shop

any ideas. im getting desperate here .

Thanks All,