Hi everybody,

I've got a problem with an iPhone 2G. I wanted to restore my iPhone 2G (firmware 2.2.1) because a thought I had a bug: the phone always rebooted when I tried to shut it down. When I slided the "slide to power off", I got the spinning wheel, and then the screen turned off for about 1-2 seconds. Then the Apple logo appeared and it was booting again.
So, I though it would be fixed if I did a restore to 2.2.1 again. I restored it and got the "connect to iTunes" (since I'm using a unsupported SIM card I need to jailbreak) and I tried the to shut it down at that moment (before I jailbroke) to see if the problem was fixed with a new OS on the phone, but no, I got the same problem. After the screen turns off, it reboots again.
Then I tried to update to OS 3.0 (I was holding back on that one because it would make my iPhone 2G slow), same problem. I jailbroke with redsn0w and unlocked with BootNeuter but I still can't shut my phone down.

Since I could not shut it down after a full restore, I have been thinking that it's a hardware problem. But maybe you guys can tell me something that I don't know yet so that it turns out to be a software problem so that I'm able to fix it.

thank you very much in advanced!