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Hello all, I am having a big problem. My iPhone 2G 3.0 os was not recognized by my computer and was giving me trouble so I thought by erasing all settings and contents I could start from scratch. Not so! It still isn't recognized. It charges perfectly via Firewire and the problem is not with my iTunes because I have uninstalled and reinstalled different versions 5 times. This all started after putting my iPhone into one of those Stereo-Dock things which was probably meant for iPods only (DOH!). The message this device is not compatible showed up and that was the end of that. It doesn't show up in My Computer or Device Manager or iTunes. I know that there must be some kind of connection because when I hook it up the Pineapple logo flashes (Which I take to mean that it is charging). Can someone please help me?????????
Hello guys,

I'm very new in this forum so please don't judge me before you read this !

I have tryied to unlock a 2g for a friend, i'm not an expert but i've tryied ... so after the iphone 2g was stuck on dfu, i've restored it with latest itunes, I have read on net some posts how to do a jb and after restore 2g with 3.1.3 soft the 2g iphone can't be recognized in dfu mode.
So please read what you have to do : If your iphone 2g is in DFU mode and when you plugg it to pc sounds like it isn't recognized you have to run devmgmt.msc and on USB controllers you will find your iphone, just go on it and click on update drivers, the mgmt will find the drivers and after that your iphone 2g will be recognized , now all you have to do is to fit the correct ipsw with redsn0w.

Best of all guys !