I've got an older 2g Iphone with 3.01 on it. Having unlocked and jailbroken it probably half a dozen times with different tools over the years.

I notice that with 3.01 the interface/UI is terribly slow. I did a fresh restore and jailbreak and it was still quite slow even before any Cydia software installed so i've ruled that out. Is the 2g Hardware just hitting a limit with the 3.0 software in terms of CPU power?

Or is it possible that all these many jailbreak hack payloads have left remenant code that is slowing things down? Is there any way to do a deep clean of the memory, or is that done with each full restore from DFU mode?

IF i were to purchase a 3GS for the $599 price, and unlocked it for T-mobile, can anyone comment on its performance on the T-Mobile GPRS/EDGE network? My 2g With T-Zones is slow, but I often feel like its more to blame on the phone rendering pages slowly than having poor bandwith from Edge.

Thank you