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Discuss help upgrading 3.0 to 3.1.2 at the iOS 3.x (iPhone OS 3.x) -; Originally Posted by besdong_sava Yes it's 3GS on 05.11.07. i'm just trying to get my ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by besdong_sava View Post
    Yes it's 3GS on 05.11.07. i'm just trying to get my wifi work. first, i install blacksn0w and then my wifi not working. then i uninstall blacksn0w and my wifi start to work back on but i want to unlock right, so i install Ultrasn0w and everything working fine, my youtube, my wifi, but i can't get phone signal to work.

    any ideas over this one Olethros?
    ultrasn0w is not supported (yet) on 05.11.07
    This behaviour with blacksn0w and wifi has been seen before, GeoHot (blacksn0w author) says it is an apple bug (race condition) and he has no interest in fixing Apple's bug unless he gets paid lots of money to do that.

    See the following twitter entries.

    Twitter / George Hotz: @ronaldsb remember what i ...
    Twitter / George Hotz: @Abcmsaj see, i'm not real ...
    Twitter / George Hotz: @syand3 it isn't the jailb ...
    Twitter / George Hotz: @davidldunn i've never see ...

    It is unfortunate that blacksn0w makes the race condition appear more often but it *can* happen without blacksn0w. This is the biggest reason I recommend staying away from baseband 05.11.07 if you can. You generally cannot downgrade your baseband on a 3G and definitely not on a 3GS

    Geohot can be justifiably arrogant but when it comes to the technical details because he is almost always correct. If he says it is a race condition then it is.
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