First time I've had to deal with this one and hoping someone can confirm, either way. I've been asked to upgrade and unlock someone's iPhone 3G (new baseband, so will only be upgrading to 3.1.2). I was planning on using blacksn0w for this, but then I found out the following, which might be a wrench in the plan:

1. They don't have a data plan (so, no going "online" via the iPhone via 3G connection)
2. Their wifi isn't working (they don't know why, and I can't run any of the wifi fixes because they don't have a data plan)

I was planning on restoring the phone to factory, updating to 3.1.2 (hoping this would fix the wifi issue), then running the jailbreak/unlock. Problem is, if wifi is actually busted (hardware rather than software), since they don't have a data connection, I won't be able to get online with the phone. If that's the case, am I still able to run the jailbreak/unlock, or does blacksn0w require a data connection to download required files on the phone?

Basically, right now, their iPhone is a glorified dumbphone (because their wifi is dead and they don't have a data plan). I'm hoping the restore process will fix whatever is wrong with the wifi, but if it doesn't, I don't want to render the phone useless for them if the jailbreak/unlock process will fail (as a result of not being able to get online).

Any advice would be appreciated!