I've tried every OS version from 3.0-3.1.2 and used every possible method to enable the MMS. I used the Sinfuliphone repo, tried the manual way with a patch and chmod on 3.1.2 and NOTHING seems to allow the messages to send properly. I've also tried every possible combination of APN settings listed in just about every forum or place that I can find and I've gotten all of them to stick at one time or another but that hasn't helped.

I can get the camera icon working and send the message but every time I get a red exclamation mark and a message failed notification.

Is this a problem with the AT&T network itself that cannot be circumvented or patched?

I'd love to get this to work but I can't find anyone that is successfully using MMS on AT&T with a 2G phone AFTER they (AT&T) officially enabled MMS on 9/25.

I've heard that this is due to some type of network restriction that uses the 2G IMEI to block MMS. However, I can't find anyone with this working in order to confirm or bust this idea.

Any ideas or input?