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hi everybody ,

i joined this forum after seeing some posts on how some guys here manage to unlock/jailbreak their iphones without button pressing.

My old iphone 2g , 1.1.4 firmware , the sleep/wake button stopped working 5 months ago. My phone hang , so I had to restore it, I thought using Iliberty would put my phone into dfu, as what I did before, but now it doesnt, I used teh 3.0 firmware ( stupid me ).

I sent my phone to my brother who lives in another city ( a plane ride away ). What should I do ?

a. Ask him to bring it to an apple certified repaired shop, and pay $$$
b. Tell him to bring it next month before christmas, I'll fix it using the black rain method?

btw, i use windows xp

i was you i'll go for B, put you're gonna still have your power bottom broken...