Okay, i've searched endlessly to find a solution to this and have NOT found a solution - i hope i can get some answers here...

-i have iphone 3G - OS3.1
-a couple of months ago this started: anytime i powered on the iphone (from its standby mode), WIFI does not kick in right away, takes a few seconds understandably, but if i'm already in a program i.e. text sms, or safari, it pops up a message "could not activate cellular data network" BEFORE the network pops up. so i ALWAYS have to click okay before i can do anything. Of course then it finds the wifi connection and i can do anything i want, but come on! this didnt happen before. (i'm not on any data plan, and never have been)

-it simply tries to find a network seconds before it is available! and the pop up is driving me insane.

I've tried to reset network settings, reboot, delete random apps, turn off all my mail accounts. nothing seems to work! I'm on Rogers network, and i have a factory locked phone to rogers, no jailbreaks/unlocks etcs... i just need this to be solved - i'm certain it's a small fix which i have not figured out how to do.

Any useful tips/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!