Is there anyway to activate an iPhone 3G without signing up for a 2 year contract? I have a work account that used the old AT&T SIM card. I have unlocked my iPhone and have been using it for 6 months with my data turned off. Never had any problems.

I just transferred the phone and number to my name, and AT&T won't enable data on the old phone because it doesn't "support" it. I have also asked them to put me on an iPhone plan. My old SIM card "is not from the new AT&T and isn't compatible with the iPhone". So I got a new SIM card, and they see my iPhone in their computer, but they won't move it to the "new AT&T plan" without making me sign up for a 2 year contract.

Doesn't seem to matter that it is now unsubsidized hardware which someone else signed a contract for (as this is a phone off of EBay). Any ways around this? Will transferring my account to a Nokio phone on the "new AT&T", enabling data, plugging in my iPhone and them catching me without the right plan work? Will I be able to sign up for an iPhone plan then without having to sign a 2 year contract?

It feels dumb signing up for a 2 year contract without getting a new free phone.