I am looking for the best ipad 3 keyboard case to use for my iPad. Currently, I have one that simply folds over to protect it, and has a little kickstand on the back. This works well, but here is what I am looking for:

Basically, I want the ClamCase, but want to do a little research before I pull the trigger.

Now, don't laugh, but here is my main application. I am 330 lbs, so I set it on my belly and hold it on the sides a lot and play stuff like Pocket Legends. That is probably the main usage.

So, I am wanting a ipad 3 bluetooth keyboard, one that sits like a laptop, is usable in portrait mode, and where the keys are like a regular keyboard (I read the clamcas key's are pretty small and might mess me up. I am an extremely fast typer).

Anyone use it the same as me? Lying in bed with it sitting on your belly, or lounging with your feet up on an ottoman with it on your belly?

For mice, I figure any bluetooth mouse will work. I haven't decided if I want to go this route or not yet (I'd have to jailbreak I understand), so I'll figure that out later.