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Discuss 3.0 killed my iPhone. Help! at the iOS 3.x (iPhone OS 3.x) -; I have a 2007 model iPhone. It has firmware 1.1.4 and is unlocked via ZiPhone. ...
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    Default 3.0 killed my iPhone. Help!

    I have a 2007 model iPhone. It has firmware 1.1.4 and is unlocked via ZiPhone. I am using Tmobile.

    Two days ago I decided to upgrade to 3.0 because I need cut/copy/paste.

    My plan was to restore the phone back to it's original settings, upgrade to 3.0 and then unlock it using redsn0w. I first upgraded iTunes to 8.2. After this was done I connected my iPhone and iTunes said "the device "iphone" is passcode locked".
    It wouldn't let me restore, so I removed iTunes completely and then reinstalled 8.1. (I read that some others were having problems with 8.2)

    While I was waiting for this to finish, I used Ziphone to put the phone into DFU mode. I had been having trouble with the power button before I decided to upgrade. It would work sometimes and not others. I used Ziphone to DFU because of this.

    After I had installed iTunes 8.1 I clicked shift+restore, to restore to 1.1.4 firmware.

    The phone got about half way through the process and then I got error 1601.
    I tried again on 2 different computers with the same result "1601 error"

    I then tried to update to 3.0 firmware, and 2.2.1 and got the same 1601 error.

    After 4 hours of reading and messing around with it I went to bed. The phone was stuck on the "connect to itunes" screen whenever I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day the battery was dead. I plug the phone into the wall, a PC, a mac, and it will not charge, no computer will recognize that anything is hooked up.

    If I hold down both buttons to reset, nothing happens, even after 10 or more seconds.

    I took it to my local Apple store's "genius" and he just told me that it was "dead as a door-nail, and they could fix it for $200, or I could buy a 3gS."

    My phone is under warranty through AppleCare Protection plan until August, but he said they won't replace it since the screen is cracked.

    So i am on my own with fixing this....

    I took the phone apart today, to see if anything was wrong with the power button. There was a little black piece, underneath the button itself, that had appeared to have slid to the side. I moved it back to where it would be in contact with the button and put everything back together. But this didn't fix the problem.

    I am also considering soldering a battery from a Nokia phone, to see if I can atleast get the iPhone to turn on.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
    Shouldn't my phone still charge even if my power button isn't working?
    Would replacing the battery or power button solve anything?
    What can be done?

    The phone will not power on no matter what I do. No silver apple. No connect to itunes. It's just dead.

    It's not fun to have a $200 brick sitting around.


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    This sounds suspicious, "the device "iphone" is passcode locked". Well, you cannot do anything unless you password unlock it!
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    try to "wake it up", type in the 4 digit passcode (which you've set), enter the SB and try to connect again to iTunes.

    But as far as I see you bricked it, so try entering the DFU mode.

    an explanation on how to do it is here: iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode

    restore it, JB it using redsn0w and have fun.

    P.S.: the c+p function is not as "astonishing" as you think, but the searchfunction is nice.

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