Hello all, A friend of mine bought a iPhone 2g and asked if I would unlock it for her to use on t-mobile. It had music and apps from the previous owner so I did not restore it before jailbreaking( it was on 3.1.3). I used redsn0w to jailbreak and bootnueter to unlock. Everything seemed to be working fine, making calls, text, and ipod. I gave it back to her, but she told me the next day it was really lagging when typing and when she would use apps it would freeze up. So I took it back and realized that there was no sound except through the head phones. It also lags really bad when typing unless the headphones are plugged in. And when I try to play music without the headphones plugged in, I push the play button and it immediately pauses the song. I can play music through the head phones just fine. I also hear the keyboard clicks and things like that. but when I go into settings to select sounds for text and ringtones, I can hear the text tones but nothing for the ringtones. I have plugged the headphones in and out several times, reset all settings several times and restored several times.

Any help with this would be appreciated.