please i need some help, i recently upgraded my jailbroken 2G on 114 to 3.01, however the firmware could not be restored and i got an 1002 error code, ive tried 3 different computers and as much usb cables, itunes 7.5,7.6,7.7,8.1 and also 8.2. ive done dfu mode down grade to 2.2.1 and basically all the available firmwares out there. in most or all my efforts i got unable to update firmware eror code 1002... is my phone #$uced/dead. after a few of thease restore attempts i was able to use quick pawn or it unes to get my slider bar back but the dial pad is so laggy it takes a full 2 mins for a pressed key to display.....HEEEELLLPPP.