I had upgraded my iphone from 1.1.4. (unlocked by ziphone) to 3.1.2 from itunes (latest 9.02) and then used blackrain and then bootneuter with 3.6/neuter-on/unlock-on, the phone got unlocked and when it was restoring the back up data and then syncying there was an error of could not sync. But the applications fom itunes were being synced (apps were from other 3g phone i have). as it was hung I had to cancel the sync process and the phone which was showing apple logo and a status bar remained like that.

I tried reseting the phone with home and power off buttons thereby restaring it but after reboot it again shows the same logo and bar. Then I restored the phone again and this time did not took the backup restore. This left te phone in raw factory condition with all sms, contacts and noted gone. Ten i tried several times the process but all in vain. I also tried withflasing the bootneuter version to 4.6 but it dint help. Whenever I try to sync and press the application tab in itunes it gets hung and stopes responding. In layman's term it shows that apps have made some problem.

Even tried blackrain to take the phonr out of rrecovery but it in turns resends the phone in recovery.

Please help as I will be losing around 400 contacts and 2yrs of sms and notes.
Please help.