I'm on iPhone 2G (2.1), unlocked through quickpwn

i have contacts, syned to outlook, but outlook only takes few no's as synced (1 no. each for mobile, home, work etc.) , but my phone has suppose 8 no's in contacts. (2 mobile, 2 home numbers etc...)

now if i restore to 3.0, > redsnow> sync to outlook> All contacts with limited no' of enteries will be synced to 3.0, also i will lose all the sms details (that includes imp. sms from Bank too)

That means, i will lose most of the entries/numbers for all my contacts.
I want to avoid this.

Should i backup/copy contacts.db & sms.db from 2.1 & paste it on restored 3.0. Will it work ?


Should i Shift+update to 3.0, so that all contacts, sms, mails, will be same as before.
But i have heard, When updating, some junk, values/data remains on phone, & makes phone slow & wastes some of storage space too.

What to do ? Any advice...