Crossposting because I got no replies


been trying to install with Hazard 10.6.6 intel only on an Asus X52Jc laptop:

CPU - i3 370M
chipset - arrandale/clarkdale
south bridge - HM55
sound - Conexant CX20671 smartAudio HD (VENDOR: 14F1 / MODEL: 5069)
sound 2 - intel display Audio (VENDOR: 8086 / MODEL: 2804)
video - intel onboard somecrap
video 2 - nvidia geforce G310M
ethernet - Jmicron PCI Express Gigabit ethernet adapter
wifi - Atheros AR9285

Aside from that, the laptop has a pretty rudimentary BIOS - no such thing as AHCI, ACPI, video board switching, etc kind of settings. The sound and sound 2 are taken from Windows 7 device manager inspection, no idea which one is actually what renders sounds. Both HDD and optical unit are on SATA. Problem is Mac OS X (hack OS) installs fine, but I never get to bootstrap the installed OS. I have tried uncheckmarking most of the option in the "Customize" screen until all there was left was the Chameleon RC4 with Graphics Enabler boot option. Still, booting freezes the same point, and -x or -s do not help either. See the image attached.

Let me know if I have any chance of making this work... or not