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Discuss Wireless, what to do? at the Installation -; Hey guys, Sorry if this isnt supposed to be here, if a MOD could move ...
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    Question Wireless, what to do?

    Hey guys, Sorry if this isnt supposed to be here, if a MOD could move it if its in the wrong place that would be great .

    So i got Snow leopard all running on my Asus Eee PC 1001HA, all except the wireless of course, now im willing to replace the wifi module but i dont know which one to get. Pics are linked below of what i currently have, and the port size. - Also this netbook has 1 antenna cable and its black, so that makes this even more confusing as all wifi modules i've seen so far have 2.

    I've heard of broadcom and stuff but the cards look to big to fit in my small PCI Express slot and i dont wanna take a chance and find out it wont fit and im no good with size measurements.

    -Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

    PS: Image-Linking didnt work, direct links below.

    Pic: Wireless Module Port Imageshack - hni0004a.jpg
    Pic: Wireless Module Imageshack - hni0003c.jpg

    Edit: Im thinking on buying this:

    I just need to know, it has two holes which im assuming are for antenna/power/data transfer. Would my Asus Eee PC require that another antenna be added? Seeing as my Asus Eee PC 1001HA only has the black cable that goes into the left hole on my current wifi module, there is no white cable to be found.
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