I have been trying for what is now approaching a year to get my computer to run OS X. I will start by listing my build.

Motherboard: Intel DX48BT2
CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 at 3.2GHz
Graphics: Nvdia BFG GTX295 (single PCB)
RAM: 8GB of OCZ DDR3 1333Mhz Gold Edition
HDD: 1TB Samsung HD103UJ at 7200rpm
Optical Drive: HP dvd1140
Power supply: Powork Model PW-680 (680Watts) AND Sunbeam 480 Watt PSU (The 480W is being jumped with a paperclip running between P-on and ground.
Other: Aerocool Multifunction panel with 25-in-1 card reader

I have tried several distribs over the past year, most recently trying the new Rebel EFI. None have worked. I hear that there are BIOS changes that must be made, but having looked at the list that was posted on Lifehacker and the list that was posted on Psystar's website, I couldn't see many of the settings that matched up to my BIOS. Is this even possible and if so, what is my best approach?