Hi, im not speak english very good, sorry for that.

Im install already iDeneb 1.4, seems all works Ok, except for the Wi-Fi and the Audio. I have install already RaLink Driver (if i can say it driver, im so much new in this) I have installed exactly the file:

Ralink_CardBusPCI_D2860- UI-

when the installation finish, it forces me to reboot system. Im reboot. When im back, i search manually the Wireless Utility(OS device/Aplication/Utilities/Wireless Utility cardbusPCI). the utility doesnt find my wifi, then i continues whitout wifi.
With the audio its more difficult, because im not have the driver for it, in "System preference/Sound" it says im not have an outpout device, then im not have audio.

Please help me! I appreciate it. Bye