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Hey guy i just want to share with you my recent successful experience updating the system from 10.5.5 to 10.5.8 !

My system was installed based on the settings on this topic.

Ok here's what I did.

1) Installed iatkos_5i 10.5.5 with normal settings.

2) Downloaded the Combo update to 10.5.8 from apple ~ 700 MB

3) Installed it and rebooted.

4) At first glance it would only show a bluescreen when the desktop starts

5) Rebooted, inserted the iatkos_5i dvd and installed the video driver "Intel GMA B" Which is the option of video driver that allow you to update your system

6) Rebooted again and the desktop appeared but now i found that my keyboard, my pen drives (any usb device even iPhone) and my wireless were not functioning.

***** Ok here's the catch, when you update it overwrites some kexts which are designed for our x86 hardware. What you need to do is basically rebuild this Kexts to the version that works fine with our hardware.

1) Let's get back the pen drives to work, go to the Root/Library⁄Temp and copy the file System.kext to the desktop, now go to system/Library/Extensions and replace the System.kext with the one you just copied to desktop

It will ask your password, you won't be able to type because the keyboard is not working, you can use the Virtual keyboard go to configs/international/input menu/enable keyboard viewer it will be available in the flag of your country near the clock.)

2) Delete from the EXTENSIONS Folder these files -> RealtekR1000.Kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext

3) Reboot your system, you won't be able to boot it will show an error, get into the dvd once again and select the options described in this topic with the exception now you will select GMA 950 B.

Ok from here you're good to go, Enjoy your Brand new (not so new) but now updated MAC OS X 10.5.8, iPhone SDK 3.0 Will run on this system

Any doubts, I'm here to help.

Forst of all thanks for this great community and all the developers!
I just started reading about hackintosh yesterday, so I was wondering if I could get this working on an old Aspire 3690. I found this topic and it was working like a charm!

I wanted to get the Iphone SDK, but it seemed that I would need to update the OS X for this. I read the above post and started working on this.

First of all i updated the os, then after startup I got the blue screen. So I booted with the IAtkos_5i dvd again and installed the intel 950 gma b drivers. After reboot my screen worked again, but my keyboard wasn't (as was stated in the post).
Edemir says that I have to go to the Root/Library/Temp folder and copy the system.kext file to overwrite the one in System/Library/Extensions.

The problem is, I don't have a system.kext in my Root/Library/Temp folder!