Hellow friends of Hackintosh, I'm new to this Mac OSX86 world, so far, I've managed to Install Kalyway 10.5.2 with the help found on these forums, Updated all the way to 10.5.4 since my system crashed with 10.5.5, so i stay at 10.5.4 because everything seems to be working great. But I was wondering:

* I'm using AMD Patcher and the Dont Panic utility, but I do not know how to use "Dont Panic", I downloaded the 10.5.5 update (no combo) from apple, have both patcher and ASU files, the patcher doesnt do it right since last time crashed my system, so how can I Update to 10.5.5 with ASU?

* And second how far can I update my AMD System to?

My specs:
AMD 2.0 Mhz