Hi all, I wonder if you can help me,
My hardware etc:
Toshiba C650-154 laptop.
CPU = i3-350m
Graphics = intel HD 1366x768
Ram = 4GB
HDD = Sata 500GB 7200rpm

I have installed 10.6.3 (retail DVD) with iBoot, all went well, install windows 7, tried to dual boot with Multibeast but no go, so im booting SL with iBoot which is no problem as I only want to play with Xcode at the moment.

My problems are, and please bear in mind I am new to all of this:
Wireless card not found its a Atheros AR9285
display only set to 1024 is as above

What do I need to do to sort the above.

Also if I apply any upgrade say 10.6.4 or above it wont boot via iBoot even with v Busratio=15 cpus=1 and I have to wipe and start again, I would like to be up to 10.6.7 so I can use the current Xcode.

Could anyone help with the above.

Thanks Kev....