hi guys
Im trying to install Snowlepard on my pc through USB stick.
I created a USB SL install following a guide, and it seams to be ok.

I then burned a Boot 132 disk (modified boot-132 bootloader)

Then im following the Youtube guide
YouTube - ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 OSX installation pt1 BIOS to GUI

So this is where im stucked.
I got a few harddrives in my pc and i really dont want to remove them.

When i come to the point where im supposed to type in:
rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.voodoo busratio=20 -v -f rd=disk1s3

This is where it goes wrong, nothing happens. Im sure it has to do with the (0,1) or the rd=disk1s3?

When im here i see my USB as rd 0,2

Can anyone help me understand what to do here?