Hi guys i am new to hackintosh and have a problem, after installing iatkos s3 v2 (with "default" settings in customization), on first reboot it freezes on apple logo (there is no small rotating circle). When i input -v, some text very fast come on the screen (it cover half of screen), and then (after maybe 1 second) black screen comes. I cant see whats the problem because the duration of that text is about 1 sec so i cant read. I also tried to boot it with PCIRootUID=1 -x (or just -x) and again it dont want to boot. I took off my graphic card and used onboard graphic but again same problem.
My specs are: Intel Core i5 2500k, ASRock H67M, Intel H67 Chipset, ATI Radeon HD 5570 1gb ddr3 graphic card, 4gb ddr3 ram. (I also set SATA to AHCI in BIOS [latest version]). Helppp please!!!