i have 2 90Gb ssd's in a raid0,Retail SL DVD,ATI-5xxx3 BL,1 stick 4gb ram,1 video card and 1 monitor,but i had 2 hd's in the cpu cause i thought i would be able to do the same (tonymacx86 Guide) but with 2 hds configged into raid0 but i guess it is not possible?
I changed all the bios settings AHCI,HPET64 etc,I see 2 drives in disk utility and i can set up a raid0 fine i get thru the rest of the install but when in Chameleon boot selection screen i see iboot,ihach1 and ihack2 (raid drives) never a single drive with a apple logo?
ive gotten to the end of the install a couple times but the bios will not boot from the drive (like the bios cant see the raid or something like that etc.
So i just think this cannot be done with a raid config only with a standard single HD and then later on clone back to a raid0 config like...

aquamac forums - Bootable OSX86 Raid Walkthrough

please tell me this is correct if so im just going to get a 100-150gb sata drive and install onto it then clone to raid0 drives after.