i have trying to install snow osx universal 3.6 which is snow leopard 10.6.2...
my config is :

C2Q6600 2.4 GHz
intel DG35EC mobo
4 GB Ram
onboard graphics

i burned the iso file using power ISO and when i boot then i encounter these 3 steps:
1. this is when i press -v for verbose mode...it doesnt ask me ... on Twitpic - this is the first screen...there is no countdown...it doesnt ask me to press F8...when i press -v for verbose mode i go to the second step below

2. this is the second screen that i see..there is no reference ... on Twitpic - it asks me to press 80 or 81 to select hdd...i dont know y?

3. my 3rd screen...i just have to select the windows drive for b... on Twitpic - this is my 3rd screen after pressing 80 in 2nd step. only option i have is to go to windows drive coz nothing happens if i select other drives....

plz help me installing snow osx universal

if i need to burn iso image with any other software then plz do tell