so first i tried to use empire efi but it always got stuck at a black screen or in the middle of writing code (always stopped at the same place.) Then after i did some more research, i realized that my computer probably wasnt supported

So next i tried to use ideneb and snow leopard by hazard. but after a succesffull installation with ideneb 10.6.3 it has a constant reboot loop. with hazard (after a succesfull installation as well), i get a white apple logo screen with code on it and it ends with "System uptime in nanoseconds:"

So i think that i might not be choosing the right patches/kexts or stuff in the customize menu. But the thing is that im not sure what i am suppose to choose?

my computer specs are Pentium 4 540. 3.20 ghz. one core. about 5+ years old

also after installing snow leopard on my external hard drive, and it didnt work. So i decded to boot into windows 7 to try and burn iAtkos to see if that will work. but now Windows 7 wont boot, i just get a flashing underscore with a black screen. (i didnt even touch the partition that windows 7 was on) so i dont know whats wrong. I tried inserting 32 bit repair disc, 64 bit repair disc, windows 7 professional install disc(the one i installed windows 7 with) and none of them work, all of them say "system repair not compatible" or something like that.