Hey all.

Firstly, would just like to say thanks to all who read this, especially those who help out. I really appreciate it, and I know others with similar queries and issues will too.

So to the problem. I have an MSI GX720 notebook, and am attempting to get snow leopard up and running on it correctly. Some background info, i've had iDeneb 1.4 running on it in the past with everything but wireless and proper shut down.

I followed a guide which told me to use the Charmeleon boot loader together with the snow leopard dvd to get it installed. And amazingly, it worked. I've got the OS booting perfectly fine, and although I initially had issues with the built in keyboard and mouse, I found a fix to that.

The main problem I have now is the video card. The laptop has an inbuilt nvidia 9600m gt 512mb. I've attempted time and time again to get graphics drivers installed, but have had no luck, and unfortunately every time I do the wrong thing, the system becomes unbootable and I end up formatting and starting over, a lengthy process when dealing with a laptop dvd reader and a dual layer dvd. I've tried following guides on installing different kexts, installing .dmgs, even tried using the kext that I KNOW worked from iDeneb 1.4 (Nvinject 0.2.1 512Mb). I've had the most luck when installing this kext, it was the first one to NOT cause the whole computer to die. But still no graphics drivers from what I can tell, effects appear slow, and i'm stuck on 1024x768.

Is there anyone out there that can help me get this to a better state? I'm really new to all of this, have only ever got iDeneb 1.4 working in the past, and even that took me days and a guide, I know very little about kexts and all that sort of stuff, but i'm doing my best to learn. So if anyone has any advice, i'd really appreciate it.

To add on to this, other things I have yet to get working are Audio, Battery Manager, and Wifi, none of which I have actually tried yet, I figure one problem at a time. But any advice on these issues is also really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.