Nobody on this earth have snow leopard on an LENOVO A500 run?

Google, Youtube, Hackintosh, os86 Project, everything with no result.
On Lenovo Laptop s10 is possible, but no letters about the A500.

I tried Hazards Snow Leopard for Intel, iAtkos v7, iBoot.

The apple Logo comes and stands still. (long long time) )

With the boot option -v it run all without problem, at "Waiting for boot volume..." it stop.

I think, my Problem is the Bios (Leonovo Bios)

The Maschine Data:
INTEL core2Duo 2,20 Ghz T4200
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650
4 GB Ram
Audio Realtek HD Audio
Grafik INTEL GMA 4500M

Normaly best options for snow Leopard, if somebody can run on AMD.

What can I try? Is the anyway for this maschine?