i have a fully up and running snow leopard installation on my AMD Athlon, installed from the nawcom mod cd. however, i have noticed significant lag and performance drops compared to when i installed from leopard. (i was stupid when i got my geforce GT240, and wiped the install, then reinstalled from nawcom mod cd)

so im wondering this: is a boot cd a better install than installing from leopard?

i would think its the same thing, but this seems to be not the case. maybe its just cuz my GT240 isnt working the way it should be, (openGL sucks, seems to be underclocking itself, but have QE/CI.. when i add a widget i get ripples but they lag.. frame by frame.) i have also noticed when im multitasking, the dock lags pretty good, where it never did before.

running 10.6.5 with the legacy kernel 10.5.0 V2, chameleon RC5 653, MacPro 2,1 SMBIOS, AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext from 10.6.0 (or 10.6.1, whatever one is included on the hazard snow leopard distro, extracted with pacifist) GraphicsEnabler=Y. geforce GT240 fully detected. cinebench 13.75FPS. (which is BS for a GT240 1GB DDR5)