Hi !
I have the retail cd of SL, I have a full working installation of Leopard 10.5.8 on my latitude Dell D630 and I am trying to upgrade, I launch the installation, it goes till a quarter of the progress bar then stop and ask for a reboot. At this point all it does I think is to have all the files from the DVD copied onto the HDD. But when it reboot, it starts again Leopard as if I did nothing !!!

I have tried another method which was booting on a CD with the rebel efi on it and it require the retail version that I insert on request, but once the setup load, I got a kernel panic. I think I have something it dislike in my bios settings, but could not figure what as I have already removed all the enhancements and enabled switch ??? Anybody could help ??? I have also tried to install on a second partition but it does not help (I have the chameleon RC4)

Thanks all !